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Microsoft Outlook is amongst the most preferred email services that are used to access email. Outlook 365 not only provides access to Exchange Server email, but it also facilitates you to manage contacts, calendar, and task functionality. Nowadays more and more companies are integrating Outlook to create a platform to share documents, project notes, collaborate with colleagues, and send reminders and much more. It can be used as a standalone application but is also part of the Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft Outlook 2010 is the latest version and is available for the Apple Mac; its current version is Outlook 2011.

No matter how useful a site is there are bound to be certain technical glitches. People usually need assistance for Outlook Settings. At this time you can reach out to our team of experts at Outlook Customer Service.

Outlook Support aims to help people gather as much knowledge as possible and tackle their technical issues effectively. However, our experts can help you with following matters:

  • Learn to retain the original message source.
  • How to permanently delete a message from Outlook without even visiting the ‘Deleted Items’ section.
  • To create a list of people which can make bulk mailing super easy.
  • Increase the Outlook attachment size limit for your account.
  • Create a signature (a tag line, quotation, an ad or essential contact information) for your Outlook account.

All these things can be easily handled by the experts at Outlook Customer Service. Feel free to contact our Outlook Support professionals for assistance regarding your queries.

How to Get Support and Help

When you are exploring Outlook Settings, you have the option to set up a signature in Outlook so that you can personalize your email messages. You can include a bunch of different options in your personal signature, your company logo, whether it’s some textual message, an image of your written signature, you brand or even your business card it is totally depending upon your preferences. Call Outlook Customer Service for help.

  • Get help from our tech support personnel, to customize your signature. Whatever, you want to include in the signature, our team of tech support personnel will be able to help you fully customize it, just as you’d wish. You will all be ready to set up a signature in Outlook all by yourself and that too in short while.
  • It is immensely easy to set up a signature in outlook. The first step would be to open a new email message. Next, you have to open signatures from the menu titled “message”.
  • Now you can edit the preferred signature you would like to be displayed in that new mail. Properly edit and compose the signature as per your choice, including colors, fonts, sizes, and alignment with the help of our Outlook Support them.

You are all set now and will know how to set an email signature in Outlook easily, without any doubts. Still in case of any issue, contact us at Outlook Customer Service.

Get Tech Assistance to Set Up Outlook Account

Outlook 365 Login is an important tool for organizations and offices to use for their everyday business processes, work-related instances and matters. You can trust our team of professional Outlook Assistance personnel to help you set up Outlook account and run it. Firstly, we will configure your Outlook account for you where we will add an account on your behalf. It will create necessary login credentials which you will have complete access and freedom to check and verify. For that purpose, Outlook Customer Service will assist you in finishing Gmail Settings for Outlook.

It is important to link your account also when you are setting up Outlook with Gmail so that whenever you receive a mail, you’ll get the notification and have the option to the mail in the inbox itself. In the manner, our assistance team can help you set up Outlook Email Account with multiple accounts, irrespective of which email provider you subscribe to and use. Outlook Customer Service experts will also help you avoid the common problems, connectivity issues, errors and glitches people normally face or fall into.


Get 24*7 Assistance for Outlook Server Settings, Call Outlook Customer Service

Microsoft Outlook works as an inbox to receive emails from your preferred email client like Gmail, Hotmail and more. However, for receiving and sending these emails and using your Outlook.com Email Account, you need to know how you can change or configure your Outlook.com Email Server Settings. Outlook assistances IMAP and POP3, and therefore, any email client of yours can be linked with it.

Our Outlook Customer Service team is proficient in enabling this process for you, or guide you through it so that you can successfully configure and add an email account to your Outlook.com email account as a POP3 Account. And will do so, by editing your Outlook Com server settings for you. Contact Outlook Support for help.

You can follow simple steps to add your email account to Outlook. Then you can select manual setup and proceed to select IMAP or POP after launching the app. You are then required to specify your account type and input some important details such as login credentials, mail server addresses, etc here itself.

 After doing the needful, continue with configuring your Outlook server settings by proceeding to the ‘More settings’ tab. Here you can specify port numbers for your incoming and outgoing server and instruct the app to use the same settings too.

Likewise, you can rely on our Outlook Customer Service personnel to help you configure your Outlook.com mail server settings.


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